PTC Creo Parametric Capabilities

3D solid modeling

• Create precise geometry, regardless of model complexity
• Automatically dimension sketches for fast, easy reuse
• Quickly build robust engineering features such as rounds, chamfers, holes and more
• Create part variants using family tables

Robust Assembly Modeling

• Enjoy smarter, faster assembly modeling performance
• Create simplified representations ‘on-the-fly’
• Share lightweight, yet fully accurate model representations using
the unique Shrinkwrap™ tool
• Leverage real-time collision detection
• Use AssemblySense™ to embed fit, form and function knowledge to
create assemblies quickly and accurately

Detailed Documentation including 2D and 3D Drawings

• Create 2D and 3D drawings according to international standards,
including ASME, ISO and JIS
• Create an associative bill-of-material (BOM) and associated balloon
notes automatically
• Automate the creation of drawings with templates

Technical Surfacing

• Create complex freeform shapes faster with Freestyle features
• Develop complex surface geometry using sweeps, blends, extends,
offsets, and a variety of other specialized features
• Trim/extend surfaces using tools such as extrude, revolve, blend, and sweep
• Perform surface operations such as copy, merge, extend, and transform
• Define complex surface geometry explicitly

Freestyle Surfacing

• Quickly create freeform shapes and surfaces using sub-divisional
modeling capabilities
• High-quality, parameterized surfaces can be immediately reused in a 3D
detailed design process
• Multilevel subdivisional modeling for more control over the surface,
enabling finer detailing without altering the existing shape

Revolutionary Warp Technology

• Make global deformations of selected geometry in 3D
• Dynamically scale, stretch, bend and twist models
• Apply Warp to geometry imported from other CAD tools

Sheetmetal Modeling

• Create walls, bends, punches, notches, forms, and reliefs using the
streamlined user interface
• Automatically generate flat patterns from 3D geometry
• Use a variety of bend allowance calculations to create flat
patterns of the designs

Digital Human Modeling

• Insert and manipulate a digital human inside your CAD model with PTC
Creo Manikin Lite capabilities
• Gain valuable insight about interactions between your product and people
who manufacture, use and service the product earlier in the design cycle

Weld modeling and Documentation

• Define joining requirements
• Extract valuable information from the model, such as mass properties,
clearances, interferences, and cost data
• Easily produce complete 2D weld documentation

Analysis Features

• Perform basic static structural analysis on parts and assemblies with
CAE Lite capabilities
• Validate the kinematic motion of your design
• Interoperability with PTC Mathcad® engineering calculation software,
lets you integrate PTC Mathcad worksheets with your design to predict
behavior and drive critical parameters and dimensions
(PTC Mathcad optionally available)
• Add Microsoft® Excel® files to your design

Real-Time Photo Rendering

• Create accurate, photorealistic images of products quickly, while rendering
even the largest assemblies
• Make dynamic geometry changes while maintaining photorealistic effects
such as shadows, reflections, textures, and transparency

Integrated Design Animation

• Create assembly/disassembly animations directly from the modeling environment
• Reuse models easily, with the option to include mechanism simulation

Integrated NC Capabilities

• Perform basic static structural analysis on parts and assemblies with
• Create 2-1/2-axis milling programs in less time with integrated
CAM Lite capabilities
• Machine prismatic parts with 5-axis positioning
• Control drawing entities with 2D drawing import wizards

Data exchange

• Work with a number of standard file formats including STEP, IGES, DXF,
STL, VRML, AutoCAD DWG, DXF (import of 3D with associated 2D),
ACIS import/export, Parasolid import/export*
• Create parametric, full-feature 3D designs from 2D drawings using the
AutobuildZ conversion wizard * Support for import and export of CATIA® V4,
CATIA V5 and NX®, including PTC‘s patented Associative Topology Bus™,
can be purchased separately.

Web Capabilities Provide Instant Access

• Internet/Intranet support, for fast access to email, FTP and
the Web – all from within PTC Creo Parametric
• Seamless access to PTC Windchill for content and process management

Complete Library of Parts, Features, Tools and More

• Download predefined parts and symbols using J-Link Programmatic Interface
• Customize the software user interface to serve your specific needs
• Get up to speed faster with integrated tutorials, help resources, and
access to additional PTC University training content