Why you need Simulation?

Real World vs Virtual World

SimpoePro is the first and only complete plastic injection simulation solution fully embedded into the PTC Creo Elements/Pro graphic user environment.

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1. Embedded into Creo/ProE graphic environment

• The only PTC GOLD Partner Advantage for Plastic Injection Simulation
• Fully imbedded in Creo Elements Pro/E
• SimpoePro currently supports Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 (formerly known as PTC Pro/
ENGINEER 5.0). When Creo begins shipment customers will have access to the first fully
embedded and complete plastic injection simulation solution to optimize the design and
manufacturing costs of their plastic parts!
• Strong links with PTC Top management:
• Michael M. Campbell, PTC's Divisional Vice President ,Design and Visualization Products,
commented: “SIMPOE's early and successful commitment to the Creo demonstrates the power
of our vision. Partners such as SIMPOE play a critical role in extending the value of
Creo for customers.”

2. Complete Solution : 4 modules

a. Filling Analysis
b. Flow/Pack Analysis
c. Cooling Analysis
d. Warp Analysis

3. All-In-One Solution

a. Shell parts and plain solid parts.(Full 3D mesh)
b. Customizable Material Database ( 5000 +)
c. Customizable Injection Machine Database (1000+)
d. Co-injection, fibers, inserts, multi-domain, gas injection,…
e. Links to structural analysis, export of deformed geometry,…

4. Ultra-fast automatic mesh

5. Fast, User-friendly, Complete, Affordable

Simpoe Analysis Modules:

• SIMPOE Filling Analysis Module
• Base package
• Pre & Post Functionalities
• Surface & Volume Mesh
-deals with all types of geometries
• User Defined Material Library.
• Filling Simulation
• With co-injection, fibers, inserts, multi-domains, …
• Weld lines, air traps, gate optimization,…

• SIMPOE Packing Analysis Module
• Packing
• With co-injection, fibers, gates optimization, …

• SIMPOE Cooling Analysis Module
• Thermal exchange regulation with cooling channels

• SIMPOE Warping Analysis Module
•Warpage in x, y & z

SimpoePro helps you to address differnet business concerns:

• Aspect defaults
• Weld lines (cosmetics, automotive,..)
- weld line means more fragile zone
• Sink Marks
• Burns
- Air bubbles or insufficient cooling
• Incomplete
- Wrong material
- Wrong machine

• Dimensions issues
• Part warpage
• Weight optimization
• Material optimization

• Communications issues
• With suppliers, mold makers
• With « customers ».

• Tooling Optimization
- Runner/ Cooling channel efficiency
§ Remove useless channels
§ Test different geometries
§ Conform flow
- Air vents optimization
- Gate optimization

• Process Optimization
- Cycle time
- Machine optimization
- Packing Profile