As a provider of technologically advanced manufacturing solutions, NCG CAM will provide a rapid
Return on Investment, increasing the efficiency of your machining environment.

This product expands the capabilities of your milling solutions with powerful new technologies like:

True Multi-Threading capability Anti-Vibration capabilities utilised during roughing routines
Feed-Rate Optimisation with Automatic Look-Ahead capability Full Holder and Shank Gouge
protection 5-axis Simultaneous Machining Complete HSM movement

Key Benefits:

– Standalone CAM software that is compatible with ANY other CAD package
– Extremely easy to use with just 1 day training required to machine a live job
– Ideal for shop-floor programming
– Powerful 3D machining
– Optimised toolpaths for HSM machining
•Increased efficiency
•Reduced wear on machine
•Extended tooling life
– Saves time and money !!