What is Creo Tool Design Extension (TDO)?

• Creo Tool Design Extension (TDO) is the essential 3D CAD tool for designers and toolmakers
who need to rapidly create high quality mold inserts, casting cavities, and patterns

What does the Creo Tool Design Ext. provide?

• Intuitive, process-driven UI
- Quickly learn how to build molds and castings leveraging process-driven UI

• Specialized Capabilities
- Tools to automate repetitive and tedious task
- Functionality to define and support the development of cast and mold geometry
- Analysis and simulation tools to validate geometry and tooling

• Process Automation
- Functionality to automate the creation of manufacturing deliverables
- Powerful associative update of tooling & deliverables

Creo TDO improves user efficiency and productivity

Process-driven UI speeds the creation of mold
and die production tooling

• Two process driven user interfaces to support the rapid development of mold and cast tooling
- Step-by-step process guide to help user

• Specialized functionality to support the creation of complex molds and casting
- Easily create and modify geometry to improve moldability
- Define parting lines and parting surfaces by simply selecting the mold opening direction
- Apply scaling factors to compensate for shrinkage requirements
- Graphical evaluation of draft, undercut, and thickness problems
- Simulated mold opening, interference checking and mold fill analysis

• Process Automation
- Automatic creation of detail drawings, including associative BOMs, balloons, etc.
- Powerful associative update of tooling & deliverables