Why MidasNFX

1. Intuitive Workflow

Through a series of steps from generating an analysis model using a CAD model to analyzing and generating an automatic report, NFX guides the user to effectively conduct the entire process of analysis and evaluation of results.

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2. Powerful Cleanup

The automatic cleanup function of NFX can conveniently clean up features such as small holes and fillets that are not essential for analysis. The cleanup function can be applied automatically when importing a CAD model. Or features can be conveniently searched, checked and deleted in the cleanup wizard without any complicated manual work.

Main automatic cleanup functions
• Remove holes, fillets, projections
• Remove/merge micro-surfaces
• Check and modify topology

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3. Simple re-analysis using analysis model update

The analysis model update function of NFX is used to eliminate the need for additional repetitive work related to model changes, which occur frequently in the design process. Re-analysis can be performed immediately after simply updating the CAD model. Parametric studies for various geometric dimensions can be also effectively performed.

NFX supports various references for analysis model update such as IDs of geometric objects, coordinates and colors of geometric surfaces, which enable the user to update even after the topology of the CAD model has been changed.

This function can be especially used to apply a standard analysis template model to a number of CAD models. So it is very convenient to propagate standardized design analyses to designers.

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4. Automated contact definition suitable for large scale assemblies

NFX automatically defines contacts for assembly models and allows the user to conveniently check and manage the definitions.

Even for a complex assembly model, contacts are established by automatic calculation of distances between the parts without having to check every contact condition between the parts. The defined contacts can be clearly checked through visual representations.

Also, by using the contact manager function, the essential information of the defined contacts can be readily checked and simply revised.

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5. Latest hybrid element mesh generator leading to efficient analysis and superb results

NFX generates optimum element mesh using the automatic mesh generation function for hexahedron- tetrahedron hybrid mesh.

NFX generates high-quality, hexahedron dominant element mesh even for solid models of complex shapes. As such, the number of nodes and hence the analysis time become significantly reduced. Especially the boundaries generally consist mostly of hexahedra, the results of which are superior to other element types.

NFX supports parallel processing that utilizes multi-cores during mesh generation. Even for a large scale assembly model consisted of tens and hundreds of parts, many parts are simultaneously meshed, which results in a significant reduction in the total mesh generation time.

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6. Diverse and sophisticated post-processing graphics enabling swift results checking and comprehensive report

The practical result analysis and organization function of NFX allows the user to effectively carry out secondary tasks after analysis such as report writing.

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