Midas NFX 2013 Product Specification

CAE -Standard

-Linear Analysis
-Static Analysis
-Modal/Buckling Analysis
-General Prestress
-Fatigue Analysis
-Linear Contact

CAE -Advanced

Includes all CAE-Standard module capabilities

·Nonlinear Analysis
-Nonlinear Static/Quasi-Static
-Sequential Nonlinear
-Nonlinear Contact

·Dynamic Analysis
-Transient/Frequency Response(Direct, Modal)
-Random Response (Direct, Modal)
-Response Spectrum
-Implicit/Explicit Nonlinear

·Thermal Analysis
-Steady-State/Transient Heat Transfer
-Steady-State/Transient Thermal Stress

·Composite Material Analysis

·Topology Optimization
-Static/Modal/ Direct frequency


·2D, 3D, Axisymmetric Models: Steady / Transient
·Conjugate Heat Transfer
·Chemical Species Advection-Diffusion- Reaction
·Mesh Deformation
·Fully Compressible to Incompressible Flow with Porous Media
·Laminar to 14 Turbulence Models: k-ε, k-ω SST, LES, etc.