SimpoePro is the first and only complete plastic injection simulation solution fully embedded into the PTC Creo Elements/Pro graphic user environment.

Thanks to SimpoePro, a PTC Gold Partner Advantage product, PTC users can now optimize the design and the tooling of their plastic parts, and minimize their manufacturing costs, without ever leaving their familiar everyday graphic user environment.

SimpoePro allow PTC users to simulate the complete manufacturing process of their plastic parts, from filling to warpage.

With SimpoePro , PTC users can identify early into the design stage potential manufacturing problems, study alternative solutions and directly assess the impact of such part or process modification, always in the PTC graphic environment.TheseamlessintegrationofSimpoeProwithPTCCreoElements/Proreally "closestheloop"ofplastic part design and manufacturing optimization, whatever the complexity and geometry of such parts, shell parts as well as plain solid parts.

The SimpoePro software suite includes the following packages:

• SimpoeXplorer for Pro/ENGINEER is the entry level in the SIMPOE software solutions world. SimpoeXplorer is targeted to product designers and casual users, who want to identify potential product glitches early on in the product design. SimpoeXplorer will be able to identify weld lines, unfilled areas, burns, optimum gate(s) location(s), required press capacity,etc... Case sensitive pop up windows will help and advise the user during the product design process. SimpoeXplorer benefits from the speed, ease of use and all-in one approach of all SIMPOE software solutions, and can deal with shell as well as plain solid parts, parts.

• SimpoePro ENG is more specifically targeted to the Engineers in charge of industrialization of the products.They will be able, in addition to the benefits offered by SimpoeXplorer, to identify sink marks locations, optimize press parameters, define optimum cooling time, test their own plastic materials, optimize multiple gate systems. The ENG package will also allow simulation of more advanced processes like overmolding, multishot molding, inmold labeling or gas assisted injection.

• SimpoePro MFG is designed to help part manufacturers optimize the use of their production equipment, and therefore minimize part manufacturing costs.In addition to the ENG package, the MFG package offers the ability to simulate part deformation, in either direction or globally, due to inmold constraints or after part ejection., as well as quantitative evaluation of sink marks. The MFG package also offers other state of the art functionality, as the ability to export the counter-deformed geometry, in order to optimize mold design.

• SimpoePro TOOL is the SIMPOE solution targeted to moldmakers and tooling engineers.In addition to the functionalities found in the MFG package, they will be able to thoroughly analyse and optimize the efficiency of the cooling system of the mold. Conform cooling simulation, where the cooling channels follow complex shapes as an offset of the surface of the part to be manufactured, is also included in this package.

SimpoePro requires an active PTC Creo Elements/Pro license to run.

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