Why choose SimpoePro:

Simpoe Main Advantages:

• Affordable:
- Competitive price
- Simple packaging
- No hidden costs

- Meshing in minutes
- Quick Calculation

- Only plastics injection simulation solution fully integrated with Creo/ProE

- Training sometimes not even required by the customer
- Tutorials are enough
- 0.5 to 1 day training is enough for designers
- 2 days training for specialists

- Simpoe Technology Answers all the expert requests
- speed of calculation and
- accuracy of results

Simpro is unique in providing different Meshing Technology

• For Thin parts or Shell Type we propose a
Surface Meshing Analysis.

• For Thick Parts we propose a Solid Meshing

• ForThin/Shellparts2 possibilities are proposed

• an analysis of the mid-surface of the part:
○ Oldtechnologyrequiringa preparation of the part
with the CAD to extract the mid surface.
Requires complex operations.

• an analysis of the skin of the part: the shell meshing:
○ Mostefficienttechnology,very robust.
○ Adapted to quick analysis to validate /
optimize the part design

• ForThickpartsweperforman analysis in the
thickness of the part as the behavior
between top and bottom is different due to

• SIMPOE is proposing several technologies:
• Pure solid meshing: tetrahedral meshing
• Hybrid meshing

• ShellAnalysisis particularly adapted for:

• Thin parts
• Quick analysis operation to optimize:
○ Partdesign(thickmarks,airtraps, weld lines)
○ Gatelocation
○ Runnerbalancing Channels dimensions

For parts where thickness is not uniform (parts with thick
and thin areas) and/or thin parts for which we want to analyze inside this thickness. Hybrid meshing is:

• using the shell technology to generate2 layers of
prismatic meshing on the top and bottom layers
of the part.
• then filling the rest of the thickness with
tetrahedral meshing.